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We are specializing in the design and manufacture of heavy duty component assembly and ground support mover, logistics mobile robots and customized automation mobile systems. Our main products are mecanum wheel mover and air cushion mover which is widely used in military equipment, aerospace, automobile, railway locomotive manufacturing, electric wind tunnel industry and general manufacturing.

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Why us?

Strong advantages in the design, manufacture and deployment of industrial logistics, intelligent manufacturing systems and customized production line logistics systems with rich project experience and cases.

Full Range of R&D

Rich experience in design of mechanical, electrical, pneumatic, hydraulic, and software. Able to simulate electromechanical systems in various fields of military and civilian.

Massive Production

With over 20,000 sqm workshop and 100 types of processing equipment, our production covers machining, electronics, welding, assembly and inspection to execute large-scale, precision mechanical and electrical equipment production.

High Precision Test

With the Lab of mecanum wheel comprehensive performance test, we are able to test mechanical loading of large products, various environmental simulations and control simulations.
Authoritative Mecanum Wheel Platform Development

Authoritative Mecanum Wheel Platform Development

Excellent Mecanum wheel design and production capacity. Mecanum wheel test lab include Mecanum roundness, life, load, reliability and etc.
Electromechanical Equipment System Integration

Electromechanical Equipment System Integration

Electromechanical and hydraulic;
Motor servo and multi-axis control;
Special servo drive design;
Self-Propelled Modular control
Special Environment Application Development

Special Environment Application Development

Certified explosion-proof technology;
High-low temp. adaptability test;
Electromagnetic environment simulation;
Anti-interference technology
Multi-robot Grouping Technology

Multi-robot Grouping Technology

Multi-robot group traffic management;
Multi-robot coordinated motion control;
Automatic double docking technology; 
(laser and visual positioning)