In the automotive industry, Oimtec offers omnidirectional intelligent mobility technology for the manufacture of highly flexible final assembly lines for cars, trucks, buses and construction machinery. The traditional line configuration in production is replaced by almost fixed components, a combination of fixed and inline workstations. Embedding the assembly station into a traditional production line increases flexibility and minimizes time loss.

This flexibility is best achieved with Oimtec omnidirectional intelligent mobility technology. Its consistent use across all workstations not only increases flexibility and productivity, but also creates a clean and ergonomic work environment. Another benefit is that it provides a considerable degree of user friendliness.

In addition, the Oimtec's transporter allows quick and easy replacement of the assembly system in the event of changes in the production process.

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Our Advantages For You


Reduced investment costs, increased productivity, and reduced aircraft delivery time


Can be used in explosion-proof areas and clean rooms


The mover is easy to operate by one employee


Low maintenance costs


Environmental friendly, no exhaust or noise


High flexibility, easy to adapt to new products and production processes


The load can move freely in all directions and rotate around the axis to ensure optimal use of available space


Precise positioning accuracy


CE certification for export to Europe

Our products are widely used:

Transportation of heavy duty vehicles in final assembly
Front and rear axle assembly
Wheel assembly
Large paint carts and system
Underfloor parts assembly
Engine transportation and assembly
Windshield assembly
Heavy components transportation and underfloor assembly with scissor lifts

Successful Cases

Omnidirectional Intelligent Mobile Technology

Automotive Mold Exchange Mover

Automotive Mold Exchange Mover 2

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Meets the most demanding requirements in the aerospace industry
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Power Industry

Provides solutions for transportation of heavy-duty transformers
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Makes flexible factories possible in the locomotive manufacutring
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Supports various forms of automatic or combined navigation
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Meets the requirements of work in a variety of complex environments
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Oil, Gas, Nuclear

Provides highly automated and explosion-proof design
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Offers transporters suitable for large scale group production
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Lean Manufacture

The load capacity and automation solutions are almost unlimited