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Oimtec is specializing in the design and manufacture of heavy duty component assembly and ground support mover, logistics mobile robots and customized automation mobile systems. Our main products are mecanum wheel mover and air cushion mover which is widely used in military equipment, aerospace, automobile, railway locomotive manufacturing, electric wind tunnel industry and general manufacturing.

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We keep designing and manufacturing 0.5-1400t mecanum wheel movers and air cushion movers in-house and have sold more than 500 vehicles in the past 18 years


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Strong advantages in the design, manufacture and deployment of industrial logistics, intelligent manufacturing systems and customized production line logistics systems with rich project experience and cases.

A Wealth of Experience, a Reputation for Excellence

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Meets the most demanding requirements in the aerospace industry
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Power Industry

Provides solutions for transportation of heavy-duty transformers
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Makes flexible factories possible in the locomotive manufacutring
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Supports various forms of automatic or combined navigation
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Meets the requirements of work in a variety of complex environments
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Oil, Gas, Nuclear

Provides highly automated and explosion-proof design
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Offers transporters suitable for large scale group production
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Lean Manufacture

The load capacity and automation solutions are almost unlimited