Oimtec has proven technology for military and defense applications that can move heavy duty, precision, strong or strange loads. We provide the best flexibility to move loads that are often considered too difficult or impossible to move. This technology provides an alternative to wheels, tracks, rails, cranes or rollers with low friction, low height and high mobility. Since 1965, Oimtec has been providing innovative load mobility solutions for the military and its civilian suppliers in air, sea, land, space and cyberspace.
Our transport vehicles can be transported automatically or semi-automatically. In addition, it also supports the synchronous operation of 2, 3 or more transport vehicles that communicate wirelessly with each other. The lifting platform, work platform and handling equipment, which are configured according to customer requirements, can also be used for assembly work, and only one operator can control the whole system.

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Our Advantages For You


Omnidirectional intelligent motion and 360° rotation


Suitable for small spaces and low floor load


High mobility and security


The mover is easy to operate by one employee


Adjustment accuracy up to 1.0mm for precise positioning


Explosion-proof, anti-interference, adapt to high and low temperature working environment


CE certification for export to Europe

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Meets the most demanding requirements in the aerospace industry
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Power Industry

Provides solutions for transportation of heavy-duty transformers
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Makes flexible factories possible in the locomotive manufacutring
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Supports various forms of automatic or combined navigation
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Meets the requirements of work in a variety of complex environments
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Oil, Gas, Nuclear

Provides highly automated and explosion-proof design
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Offers transporters suitable for large scale group production
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Lean Manufacture

The load capacity and automation solutions are almost unlimited