Oimtec offers a low-cost pallet transport system that allows transformers weighing up to 1,000 tons to be positioned to millimeter accuracy and can move oversized, clumsy, unbalanced or heavy-duty components such as feedwater heaters, nuclear drums, turbines and nacelles. The air casters use the available compressed air to reduce the floor load and are safely operated by an operator safely through the passage and the typical narrow space in the power plant.

Such systems may include several (small) transmissions combined and arranged in different ways (parallel, inline) depending on the size and distribution of the load. This makes it possible to easily and economically cover the entire product range of 10 to 1,000 tons. Complete transformers or components are placed on steel pallets, which means they can be picked up and transported by the air carrier to the next assembly station, test lab or VPD. The lobby crane is only used to load and unload pallets. It is usually possible to completely eliminate the inflexible rail system.

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Our Advantages For You


High flexibility, easy to adapt to new products and production processes


Reduced investment costs, increased productivity, and reduced delivery time


Transport trays can be used universally (transformers, active components, storage tanks, coils)


Floating load allows precise positioning


Low friction, no floor damage


Easily extend load range with grouping mode or expansion modules


Compact design and optimal space utilization save valuable space


Transformers are transported quickly and safely


Even in grouping mode, the transportation system is easy for operators to operate


Forklift transport device for loading presses

Our products are widely used:

Transportation of transformer during final assembly
VPD loading for active component drying during pre-assembly
Transportation of coils, active components, and storage tanks
Pre-assembly and final assembly
Transportation of high voltage switches and circuit breakers

Successful Cases

Omnidirectional Intelligent Mobile Technology

30T Air Cushion Mover

30T Air Cushion Pallet

1400T Air Cushion Mover

220T Air Cushion Mover

350T Air Cushion Mover

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Meets the most demanding requirements in the aerospace industry
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Power Industry

Provides solutions for transportation of heavy-duty transformers
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Makes flexible factories possible in the locomotive manufacutring
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Supports various forms of automatic or combined navigation
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Meets the requirements of work in a variety of complex environments
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Oil, Gas, Nuclear

Provides highly automated and explosion-proof design
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Offers transporters suitable for large scale group production
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Lean Manufacture

The load capacity and automation solutions are almost unlimited