The final assembly of the aircraft poses a huge challenge to how to transport the fuselage, aircraft and mobile work platforms along the final assembly line. These conditions are extremely demanding and affect considerable costs. The use of heavy-duty mobile transmission systems provides an effective and flexible solution to these problems.

Since 1965, Oimtec has provided heavy-duty mobile solutions for major spacecraft manufacturing companies for aircraft, satellite and rocket cockpit platforms, wing root platforms, tail platforms, mid-stage platforms, cargo platforms and engine platforms. Various assembly points. These computer-controlled vehicles combine the characteristics of an omnidirectional transmission system with an Automated Guided Vehicles (AGV) to increase assembly line flexibility, positioning accuracy and high automation for aircraft manufacturers around the world.

In addition to a wide range of projects, Oimtec's expertise allows us to provide equipment that meets unique needs. Even if your idea seems impossible, just a phone call, we can help.

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Our Advantages For You


Reduced investment costs, increased productivity, and reduced aircraft delivery time


Advanced sensors, emergency strategies and redundant analog measurement ensure highly safe operation


Omni-directional motion and 360° rotation with up to 1mm adjustment for precise positioning


Professional material compatibility requirements


No restrictions on load size, weight or range of motion


The mover is easy to operate by one employee


Safe transportation of aircraft


Clean environment


Two airframe movers can be positioned at any distance to enable adjustment of aircraft of different lengths


Modular and freely positionable parts or painted platforms can be adapted to different aircraft profiles


Maximize floor space utilization without limiting assembly flow to fixed paths


Independent movement eliminates the need for first in first out(FIFO)


Explosion-proof design, explosion-proof function for mobile work platforms such as painting process


CE certification for export to Europe

Our products are widely used:

Aircraft movement and positioning system
Rocket engine transport and rotation system
Autoclave loading system
Mobile X-ray positioning system
Large paint carts and system
Body frame assembly fixture system
Mobile scaffolding and workbench
Mobile aircraft maintenance terminal
Turntable system

Successful Cases

Omnidirectional Intelligent Mobile Technology

Spacecraft Indoor Transportation

Aircraft Mold Exchange Transporter

Aircraft Wing Assembly Platform

Aircraft Wing Transporter

Aircraft Landing Gear Assembly Mover

Aircraft Landing Gear Assembly Mover

Aircraft Engine Transporter

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Meets the most demanding requirements in the aerospace industry
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Power Industry

Provides solutions for transportation of heavy-duty transformers
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Makes flexible factories possible in the locomotive manufacutring
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Supports various forms of automatic or combined navigation
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Meets the requirements of work in a variety of complex environments
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Oil, Gas, Nuclear

Provides highly automated and explosion-proof design
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Offers transporters suitable for large scale group production
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Lean Manufacture

The load capacity and automation solutions are almost unlimited